Friday, December 29, 2006

It is a common practice

It is ironic to see how the ones in power take things for granted
while you and me are eathing crap.

This woman was "fired" for unethical practices. Yes, Eleanor Clitheroe
former president and chief executive of Hydro One Inc. for spending
$330,000 of company funds according to Glen Wright, the former utility's
interim chairman.

She still receives an annual pension of aproximately $150,000 as a reward
for "borowing" that money.

She earned about $750,000 salary, plus $806,0000 bonus, $625,900 in
compensation, and $172,400 vacation pay.

Mr. Glen Wright was unhappy once he new about her $174,600 annual car
allowance..., memberships at clubs, and using corporate credit card for
personal charges.

The news appeared only once and the newspapers magicaly forgot about the
incident. Silence, dont say anything because it is tabu to talk such things.

Then, Mr. Glen Wright continued with the saga. It is a common practice...
After 10 months as chairperson of Hydro One, Mr. Glen Wright made headline
for his spending problems.

He billed to Hydro One for three of his hunting trips he took with senior Conservatives at a ritzy outdoors club on Georgian Bay in 2002.

Mr. Wright favoured $5.6-million in untendered Hydro One contracts that went
to friends of the former Conservative government.
NDP critic Mr. Peter Kormos, stated the Liberals of picking up the habits of
their predecessors, citing as proof the $175-an-hour contract that went to Peter Donolo, a longtime Liberal strategist and aide to former prime minister Jean Chrétien.

Then, Mr. Wright as president of Workers Compensation WSIB made head lines
againafter revelations of his spending tactics while in charge of WSIB. It
included a $2,800-a-month apartment in Toronto; also taking the injured's
money to pay for an upgraded alarm system in his Kitchener home, an expense one Liberal said ran into the tens of thousands of dollars, and giving his former assistant an $85,000-a-year contract to work two days a week.

And again, the news were published for one, maybe two days and then, silence
is in the air. It is forgotten.

It hapenned again!!!

Tom Parkinson, who last year made $1.56 million as the president and CEO of
Hydro One, resigned yesterday in response to a critical auditor general's
Mr. Parkinson who ran Hydro One, resigned on Friday December 8, 2006, after
being cited in the auditor general's report for improperly charging $45,000
in expenses to his secretary's corporate credit card.

Our tax money must pay big for the elite LOL. It is expected to cost about
$3 million in compensation as a reward for his actions.

Of course, they are not the best, they are corrupt.

And again this abuse was denounced on the newspapers only once and magicaly, no more fuss.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my dear neighbour was charged for Wellfare fraud, found guilty and was arrested.
She made headlines and the papers excersised all their freedom to talk over and
over about her doings.

She received from OW about $468 per month. She had to pay $450 towards the rent,
so, she was left with $18 per month to cover all other necessities.

She was sentenced to six months of house arrest after pleading guilty.

"It's not like she was out buying cars and fur coats," said her defence counsel Alex Toffoli.

And she died under house arrest for welfare fraud.

She was pregnant, but no one cared for her unborn child.
"It" was nothing, and that is why CAS did nothing.

If "it" was Him/She, CAS would it take it away and out it for adoption.

And talking about your tax money, CAS has adopted the formula that others
high authorities have been performing.

Two senior CAS executives in Toronto were given SUV’s, both worth more
than $50,000.

Luxury car washes worth $150 were charged to the CAS by managers.

One CAS executive received a gym membership worth $2,000, plus $2,600 for a personal trainer.

ALSO they steal chocolate and money from children under their care


Friday, October 27, 2006

CAS worker sentenced

October 27, 2006

Former CAS worker and guns smuggler sentenced to two years in jail.

She was an honour student in school.

She was a drug counsellor who tried to steer at risk youth away from a dangerous habit.

And she worked for the Children's Aid Society and lectured on the evils of crime.

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She was sentenced to two years in jail for supplying weapons to the notorious gang "Malvern Crew"

And while she appears to have led a double life, both sides of it came out at trial. The Crown accused her of being a greedy double dealer who never practiced what she preached.

The Malvern Crew was raided in May 2004 and 65 suspected gang members were arrested. Some pleaded out early this year and are currently serving time behind bars. And now, in a tragic waste of so much promise, Villella will be joining them.

  • Source: citynews web site
  • Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Choice vs Life. Violence?
    Click on the link below to find out more about...

    Pro-Abortion Video.

    What makes you angry?

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    British Survey Finds Overwhelming Majority of Women Regretted Abortions.
    More than 82 percent of the women who responded indicated they deeply regretted their abortion decisions.

    Click on the link below to be redirected to the original article

    Monday, October 23, 2006

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    This video is very interesting...

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Where are you mom, why you let them cut me little by little.

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    These feet wished to run and make you happy,
    and always wished to be by your side,
    no longer will move
    they are dead and bloody.

    What I have done?
    that you allow these pain to fill my body,
    like if a was the worse criminal of the universe.
    What I have done?

    Where are you daddy?
    Why you let them to cut me little by little,
    why you let them kill to me,
    why you have left me alone?

    Where are you mama?
    You you are not listening the shout of my silence,
    why you don’t hear the beat of my heart,
    my heart is beating.

    These arms always wished to hug you,
    these hands always dreamed about cuddle you,
    no longer will do it,
    because somebody has taken them of its base.

    I am so scared,
    I feel that something hurts my brain,
    I feel the darkness surrounding me.
    I am so scared...

    Where are you daddy?
    Why you let them cut me little by little,
    why you let them kill me,
    why you have left me alone?

    Where are you mama?
    You you are not listening the shout of my silence,
    why you don’t hear the beat of my heart,
    my heart is beating.

    Where are you mama?
    You you let the take me away from your womb,
    why you let them kill me,
    I love you.

    Where are you daddy and mama?
    You will no longer hear my heart
    It is dying.

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Where are you mom, why you let them cut me little by little.

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